Tutorials How To Install The Material Library Of Corona Renderer In Offline Mode

If you can’t install the material library of Corona Renderer 1.7 in online mode because the servers is overload(~300mb file). We have an another way, the material library can be downloaded once, and then distributed along with the installer.


  1. Download the universal installer – https://corona-renderer.com/download/
  2. Download the material library package:  https://coronarenderer.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/12000036778-how-to-install-the-material-library-in-offline-mode-
  3. Place the downloaded MaterialLibrary file next to the universal installer (e.g. if the universal installer is located in C:\Downloads, then place the MaterialLibrary file in C:\Downloads as well)
  4. Run the universal installer and proceed with standard installation
  5. The universal installer will install the MaterialLibrary from the local folder instead of downloading it.

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