Direct Download Relink Bitmaps v2.12



  • Fix script error for run_count_2_08.php
  • Arnold Renderer support added
  • Some users reported waiting a long time for the script to launch: this was because of the Auto-Update check and Run count php script. Relink Bitmaps, when ran, checked to see if there was an updated version from this site and also incremented a counter (run_count_2_08.php) to keep track of runs.
  • All WebRequests sent to this site have been removed except Auto-Update which has been moved to a button.

Autodesk Installer

If you used the Autodesk Installer, then installation is automatic. You can find Relink Bitmaps on your menu under Exchange Store -> Relink Bitmaps.

Manual Installation

In 3dsmax:

  1. Scripts -> Run Script and choose the Relink Bitmaps v#.mzp file you downloaded.
  2. Customize -> Customize User Interface
  3. Toolbars tab and select the Category: ColinScripts
  4. Drag Relink Bitmaps to a toolbar


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